The It'll Do Hotel is a resort located in Oregon, dominating most of 244 Wharf Avenue, where it is situated. The building was tri-founded by Elijah (its Bartender), Basset (an unfeatured character), and Austin (its trivia host), the first of whom was using it as a front for his Exclave operations.

Background and InhabitantsEdit

Sometime in 2004, the Exclave began sending out secret agents to recruit more people, with subtle but credible methods (i.e. propaganda). One day, a shoe-shiner by the name of Elijah is ordered to set up and integrate himself into society: Elijah decides to form the official Exclave hotel, and hires local slave labor into helping him: these guys turn out to be Austin the Trivia Host and Basset, and they suffer a case of Stockholm Syndrome. The three of them counteract this by deciding to "tri-own" the brand new hotel, Elijah reminding them both of how they were technically godless sub-humans (Basset and Austin were both quasi Asian).


At the threshold, there is a rose-painted sign that says 'The It'll Do Hotel: When It's Right, It'll Do'. The door opens to a wide spiral staircase, which comes into the large front, which Austin calls the 'hangar'. It is glossy clean with walls that change color, with three rooms: the bar and restaurant, the 'Wi-Fi' section where many smoke and talk, and beyond the entrance is a meeting room for Elijah, Austin, and Basset, where they secretly plan financial and advertising ideas, but is also Elijah's room to converse with his fellow Exclave members

In the middle of the room is a half-circle desk where Basset checks people in, and behind that half-circle is an elevator that leads to the hotel rooms. Most of the painting contains of a pale yellow and rich red, and there are paintings on the wall that people consider simple art, when they art in fact Exclave motifs.

Notable PeopleEdit

Elijah the Bartender - The original founder of the hotel, who is actually an undercover Exclave agent.

Austin the Trivia Host - The second tri-founder of the hotel, who provides the hotel's 'comedy wing' and also cleans room occasionally.

Basset - The third tri-founder of the hotel, who keeps track of finances and the food.

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