Ariel is a metalhead who formed the massively popular underwater band 'Ariel and the Reef', a band that has pioneered the genre Progressive Reggae Metal. She is currently married to Hans.


Ariel is very tomboyish, artful, and sardonic, as shown by her occasionally sassy comments in particular towards Calvin and her naturally cynical tone, which proves that she is quick-witted. She is usually very spirited, but completely different from her Disney version. Ariel appears to have an odd, "hip" vocabulary, saying things such as "deck" (cool), "fin" (not cool), and "Outie Five Thousand. Chou!" Her skill and devious way of thinking are very evident, for she thinks up a pretty potent plan to kill Nessie once and for all for the four men, and she is able to contact Vizit to rescue the four men when they are captured by the Exclave.

She is caring, quite genuinely, in regard to her feelings towards the four men, especially Hans.


At a little more than two-thirds into the story, Ariel is first mentioned after Ima Doctah is hurt by rogue Bishop Moneybanks during a handheld call by Hans: he contacts Ariel and the two, offscreen, devise a meeting. The following morning, Hans takes his friends Avery, Jom, and Isaac to the Pacific Ocean shore in Seattle, and then Ariel emerges slowly from the water. After the other three men recover from the initial shock, Ariel gives the "put-upon sad sacks" four drinks that will give them fins and will allow them to subsequently go down into the sea.

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